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A famous African Proverb goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We, at Aero Activity Club aim to go far, fast. Be it Cycling or Running, we aim to get better every day. Consistency is the key. We carry out Running or Cycling Activities almost daily, encouraging members to devote a part of their day towards themselves, without any restriction of distance or speed. Activities as such, assist members not only to develop physically, but more importantly, mentally and socially. People from different walks of life come together for almost an hour or two, leaving behind their personal ego, and blend to form a group of fitness enthusiast athletes, focussed on running or riding longer and faster together.

As a beginner, you will be encouraged to shed all your fears aside and cross the mental barriers (if any) and be a better athlete gradually. We have witnessed people, who never ran a kilometre, finishing half marathons; people who never rode completing Brevets and trust us; there is no better sight in the world. We constantly push people to

As an athlete, you will come in touch with people who have numerous achievements to their name; Marathon finishers, Randonneurs. This will motivate push your limits even further. You may target to better your timings, increase you distances or even serve as a pull for those looking to push their limits.

Come join us to experience the joy of Running/Cycling with a group, be a better team player, enhance yourself physically, mentally and socially about your heritage.




Cycling Utsav and Workshop Ride

Cycling Partner of Lucknow Heritage Run

Cycling Partner of Lucknow Heath Run

Yoga event on Yoga Day

Hydration Partner of Lucknow City Run